Conveyor Systems Case Study - Customer A


Customer A, the world leader in push fit plumbing accessories produces millions of fittings for use worldwide. Their impeccably high quality standards and attention to detail means they use only the best equipment, materials and resources. Couple this with the industries best staff means they have some of the best manufacturing units of their kind in the world.

To maintain their excellence they regularly invest in new plant, equipment and technology and the company philosophy is to only buy the best.


With the challenge in hand, we were intent on not providing equivalent equipment. With our customer in mind , we wanted to provide the industry with improved options for Sprue Separation.

Throughout early 2012 many hours were spent designing and testing the Roller Sprue Separator to meet our customers requirements. Several prototypes were made and with fine tuning we eventually sealed the  design specification and manufactured a first off for presentation to our customer for free trial.

We are proud to say that after the short free trial, our Customer promptly ordered 10 off Roller Sprue Separators for complementary use with his Conveyors.


Customer A's Requirements

Customer A has hundreds of injection moulding machines to produce their push fit fittings. In early 2011 ST were proud to gain an order for 10 under press conveyors that needed replacing for their injection moulding machines.

We were aware of our customers outstanding quality requirements but also we knew they want things to look right.

Due to our unique patented design we believe our conveyors to be the best and neatest looking conveyors in the world, this was one major factor which won this customers order. ST have now supplied over 50 conveyors to Customer A.

Pleased with our conveyors, Customer A asked ST if we could design and develop a Roller Sprue Separator for complimentary use with their new ST conveyors.

This gave us a new challenge we could not refuse.